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Can we celebrate?

"As I write, students around the world are facing turmoil head-on. Staff and students of CCX Ukraine have taken to the streets – with over 130,000 people – to protest against governmental alliances with Russia, corruption in high places, and to express their desire to be part of Europe. In Bulgaria, staff and students continue to join protestors who have been in the streets every night for months.

In the midst of these and many other situations of strife around the world, it can be hard to sing songs of Christmas joy and peace.
But sing them we must – and perhaps with even more fervour! For surely the ‘reason for the season’ is that man can be reconciled to God, that war and hatred and strife will one day end.
And we see even now the seeds of reconciliation being sown. We rejoice that more and more IFES movements are seeing how God is bringing the world to them through international students.

And in Jhelum, where the terrible church bombing took place last September, students of PFES Pakistan will meet on 22 December for dinner and a talk about ‘a unique birth’.
At Christmas there are many more opportunities for Christians to invite people to consider why God might do something as radical as sending his son into a world so deeply lacking in peace. So please pray for IFES students and staff around the world as they share their faith in the prince of peace.
May the God of all comfort, and Christ the reconciler, fill you with hope this Christmas season."
Penny Vinden - International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

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19 months of the Sugar Cube II

E as suas primeiras "palavras" são:
baba (água); baba (obrigado)
mamã (comida); mamã (mamã)
nhennncc (não)
ôô- ôô (cão); ôô - ôô (gato); ôô-ôô (tudo o que mexe)
pá (pá)
páaaaaaaaaaa (papá)