Saturday, November 29, 2008

items for Christmas Sale

- A beautiful solid wood hanger with 2 knobs (it's samll, fits anywhere)

- Martha Stewart "collector's box", Shaby-chic (ribbons, old stamps, buttons,...) GIFT IDEA.

- 4 Chairs with straw seat, handpainted metal: 2 pink, 1 aqua blue, 1 lilac. Dimensions: width 16 1/8", depth 19 1/4", height 33 7/8", seat height 18 1/8", seat width 16 1/8", seat depth 15". These chairs can be sold all toguether or separated.

Friday, November 28, 2008

items for sale- Christmas sale to Catarina

A solid wood table and 4 chairs , Shaby Chic / "disstressed".

The colors are Ralph Lauren Denim Blue and Tackroom White .

Dimensions are: 36 inches X 36 inch

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Sale to Catarina

December 6th and 7th 2008

Saturday morning (10am- 1pm) and Sunday afternoon (1 to 4pm)

** We would also welcome donations of items that we could sell for Catarina’s cause:

We would really appreciate your visit.

E-mail me for directions

Check all the items for sale below.
Thank you.

items for sale- Christmas sale to Catarina

This table can be used for children crafts, meals, gardening, etc. It's slighty painted in white
Dimensions: about 5Ft X 2 FT and 2,5 FT height

Christmas sale to Catarina - SOLD

I guess I can call it a "coffee table", can't I? Great way of storage stuff as well.
I bought it on a thrift store and painted it with Ralph Lauren primer and paint.

items for Christmas Sale

The Austin City painting. everything is handmade including the frame with some sparkling effect.
- There are many other frames and paintings for children's bedrooms, that can be used as Christmas gifts.

items for sale- Christmas sale to Catarina

This is a handpainted candle holder (pink and white) GIFT IDEA

items for sale- Christmas sale to Catarina

These are 2 bottles from Pier Import, made in Spain. GIFT IDEA

items for the Christmas Sale to Catarina

This floor lamp and its shade are painted in a light aqua blue and provide a very cozy atmosphere.
Dimensions: Width: 12 "
height: 46 "
Cord length: 7 ' 5 "

items for sale- Christmas sale to Catarina

2 Picture Boards with ribbons
Dimensions:20" x 15,5"
Pictures not included :)

items for sale- Christmas sale to Catarina

- White Lantern for tealight
- several pots and plants for outdoors and indoors


- An Origamy set with colorful projects for each day of the year
- "old owl" game cards
- sets of washable paint pens /glitters
- paper for crafts
- A pink box for a girl's bedroom (GIFT IDEA)
- many other things that can be used for your crafts' projects

items for Christmas Sale

- A table lamp
- A curtain rod set and the finial
- Solid wood Mirror FRAME with hand carved details - SOLD
- retro look alarm clock
- there's a beadspread in a "natural " color that fits a full size bed or a sofa (no picture)

2 Chairs- SOLD

These beautiful 2 chairs were painted with the Ralph Lauren (primer and paint)"stadium red".
They have some beautiful carved details.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

Eu ainda sou do tempo em que os sêlos custavam 8 escudos e 50 centavos :)
Uma das muitas cartas que a "vó-Dília" escreveu à minha mãe e a nós nos tempos em que ainda não tinha telefone e em que o Algarve ficava muuito longe.

[Portuguese old stamps in one of the letters that my grandma used to write to my mom, when she didn´t have a phone and the south of Portugal seemed very far away from us.]

Thursday, November 6, 2008

make a wish..

looking at the sky makes me happy..

[Olhar para o céu faz-me feliz..]

"O Senhor é o meu pastor, nada me faltará"
nada me faltará.. nada me faltará.. do que faz realmente falta.
keep saying it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

coisas bonitas

Fotógrafo Giorgio Bordino, 1991
Peça de joalharia portuguesa datada do Século XVII-XVIII
Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Monday, November 3, 2008



Na sexta-feira fomos passar o serão com os nossos amigos e vê-los picar abóboras (resultado na foto)